Agriculture science and technology is a broader concept. It is not only about giving new dynamics to the agricultural sector, but also in introducing technological aspects in farming. It assures successful profession lifetime. People tend to innovate technology in the field of social-sciences, ,food, fiber and to the natural resources of India.

Agricultural sciences have shown greater expansion since, 1990s. Globalisation has brought changes in the way of living and thinking. This field has variety of options such as agriculture mechanics, aquaculture and marine technologies, animal science, natural resources and environmental systems and plant sciences. The main objective of this profession is that students should be acknowledged with agricultural literacy. The job opportunities in these professions are also tremendous. The techniques introduced are completely based on natural ecological systems.

Colleges have started graduate degree courses and PG degree courses. Internship and placement programs are also made for the students. Scholarships and freeships are also made available for the students. Agriculture science and technology includes:- Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Aquaculture, Dairy, Fishery Science, Forestry, Floriculture, and Wildlife, Horticulture and Poultry. Agriculture science and technology is a diverse field with number of developments and job opportunities for all the students as well as professionals.