This is termed as the most popular field of profession. Those families who are into this field would want their wards to continue with the same. This field is one of the highest paid jobs in the country. Today, interested students can also take admission to this course. A lawyer should be well equipped with analytical and logical skills. He should be able to carry out the prosecutions well with the good command in English language.

Indian democracy has made number of laws that are also included in the LLB syllabus. Degree courses for three years include:- LL.B. (Bachelor of Laws) or B.L. (Bachelor of Law), B.A. LL.B., B.Sc. LL.B., BBA. LLB., B.Com whereas, LL.B LL.M MBL-LLM/ MBA-LLM are all PG courses. Many other universities provide part-time LLB courses along with that, fulltime 5 year courses are also incorporated.

Subjects included in the field of law are commercial law, corporate law and international trade, taxation laws, patent law, constitutional law, labor law, family law, mercantile law, contract laws and administrative law. A lawyer has number of job opportunities to fortify their career with. Apart from continuing the profession, lawyers can join industry as legal professionals. Lawyers can also give administrative civil services exams. This field is highly competitive and requires lot of analytical and reasoning skills.