Visual effects, sound techniques and color codes are the necessary are highly recommended features of this field. Multimedia is all about displaying motion and imbibing life into a still character. Using latest technology and effects has widen the scope to add innovation and creativity to your imagination. Earlier, this field was not much known. But, today it has expanded so much drastically that every person uses this technology.

The Indian animation industry is being in talk because of it’s work. It has introduced 2D and 3D objects along with the visual aids. Animation, gaming and multimedia strategies are widely used in TV, films, ads, medicine, e-learning, legal & insurance, 3D visualization, training & education, architecture, creation & designing of games for PC, Internet, mobile, gaming consoles (Playstations).The scope of this field has widen upto 32% per year to touch 38 billion rupees by 2015.

Colleges and part-time coaching classes have been started to train students in the areas of multimedia. Students can take graduate and PG degrees and diplomas in multimedia subjects. Placement assistance, internship programs and training sessions are also made available for the students. Leading MNCs recruit highly innovative and creative students to work under the multimedia departments. This field offers exciting career ahead. People only require to mix their innovation and creativity with technology. There are high-scale packages for all the working professionals. Career in this profession is damn exciting and rewarding one.