Cultivation of fruits and vegetables, medicinal and aromatic plants, and ornamental flowers is all about horticulture. There is an increase in area of horticulture from 12.77 million hectares to 20.66 million hectares. This is a diverse field with n numerous opportunities. Horticulture trainers are required by the schools and colleges. Floriculturist, Olericulturist and Pomologist are the three essential features in the area of horticulture. The cultivation of vegetables and fruits is what makes India a top-ranked country in the horticulture sector. People interested in doing self-employment are also welcomed. Huge profit and larger yield is what we get in horticulture.

You can find information about degree, diploma and certificate courses for Horticulture. You can also fine colleges and universities offering these courses.

Degree Course in Horticulture


Diploma Course in Horticulture

Diploma in Commercial Horticulture
2 YearsView All Colleges
Diploma in Fruit Production
1 YearsView All Colleges

Certificate Course in Horticulture

Certificate in Water Harvesting and Management (CWHM)
6 MonthsView All Colleges

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