Marathi literature has lot of other resources made available to the students. People can enter entertainment section, journalism section, , Diplomat, Editor, Entrepreneur, Event Planner, Executive Assistant, Foreign Business Consultant, Fundraising Coordinator, Historian, Historical Site Guide, Human Resources Specialist, Industrial Relations Consultant, International Aid Director, International Brand Strategist, International Development Worker, Interpreter, Journalist, Lawyer, Legal Aid Worker, Librarian, Linguist, Lobbyist, Market Researcher, Marketing Director, Media Correspondent, Non-Profit Organization Director, Photographer, Politician, Professor, Public Policy Analyst, Public Relations Representative, Publisher, Recruiter, Researcher, Retail Strategist, Social Program Director, Speech Coach, Speech Writer and Translator. The pay-scale is also very high.

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Degree Course in Marathi


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Diploma in Marathi
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Certificate course in Marathi
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