Telecom sector has received a big expansion. Telecom sector promises a very fast-track career option for the students and the candidates. There are number of job opportunities in this sector. Telecom industry deals with communication with the distant objects via electronic or electrical signals. Colleges and universities have started this field for the engineers and students. A bachelor’s degree will also do. A telecom expert can work in many areas. This field is not new, but has been 1986. This field has a diverse and broad spectrum in India. The telecom industry has been a strong economical supporter, since 2007.

You can find information about degree, diploma and certificate courses for Telecom. You can also fine colleges and universities offering these courses.

Degree Course in Telecom


Diploma Course in Telecom

Advanced Post Graduate Diploma in Telecommunications
2 YearsView All Colleges
Diploma in Telecommunication Engineering
3 YearsView All Colleges
Post Diploma Course in Telematics
1 YearsView All Colleges
Post Graduate Diploma in Tele Communications
1 YearsView All Colleges

Certificate Course in Telecom

Certificate Course in Maintenance of Telephone Receiver
1 YearsView All Colleges
Certificate Course in Telecom & Mobile Technology
6 MonthsView All Colleges

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