Neurology is a discipline of science that deals with the study of nervous system. Colleges and universities have started this course as a course of interest for the students. The salary or fee structure is very high. They can work with council of experts. They can work with health sectors, Clinics, hospitals and other government and [private or public segments. If you are interested in being a microbiologist then, you can opt for this course as a vocational subject in 12th standard. A bachelor’s degree in medicine or a PG in Neurology will also do. It is the most rewarding career that waits in future. Various challenges and obstacles are to be crossed while performing surgeries.

You can find information about degree, diploma and certificate courses for Neurology. You can also fine colleges and universities offering these courses.

Degree Course in Neurology


Diploma Course in Neurology

Post Graduate Diploma Course in Neurotechnology
2 YearsView All Colleges
Post Graduate Diploma in Developmental Therapy (Cerebral Palsy & Neurological Disabilities)
1 MonthsView All Colleges

Certificate Course in Neurology


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