Auditors are given special provisions in accounting sectors. The key role of auditors is to review the accounts of the organizations and companies and to validate their records and perform legal work. The key role as an auditor is to recommend possible risk aversion measures and cost savings measures for the clients. They can also work for the independent chartered and certified firms and doing effectively the work of money transactions. The responsibilities of auditors are:- Collating, checking and analyzing data in spreadsheets, Measuring levels of financial risk within organisations, Verifying that financial reports and records are accurate and reliable, Examining company accounts and financial control systems, Ensuring that assets are protected, Identifying if and where processes are not working as they should, and proposing or suggesting the changes to be made, Preparing and Submitting reports, commentaries and financial statements, Liaising with managerial staff then presenting findings, issues and recommendations, Ensuring policies, legislation, procedures, and regulations are correctly followed and complied with and Undertaking reviews of wages.

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