Those who are interested in pursuing their career in the business study, have number of job opportunities in the form of:- Admissions Counselor, Book/Movie Reviewer, Community Affairs Director, Copy Editor, Customer Service, Editor, Event Planner, Human Resources ,Journalist/Reporter/News Analyst/Critic, Lobbyist, Magazine Writer, Management, Marketing, Sales and Advertising, Media Buyer, Nonprofit Organizations ,Photojournalism, Press Secretary, Printing, Public Opinion Pollster, Public Relations, Publicist, Researcher, Student Services, Teacher, Technical Writer, Television Reporter, Traffic Manager and Web Writers. Even they can work as:- Chartered certified accountant, Chartered accountant, Corporate investment banker, Chartered management accountant, Management consultant, Retail banker, Insurance underwriter, Risk manager, Logistics and distribution manager, Human resources officer, Marketing executive, Retail manager and Systems analyst. Economically strong job.

You can find information about degree, diploma and certificate courses for Business Study. You can also fine colleges and universities offering these courses.

Degree Course in Business Study


Diploma Course in Business Study

PGSCS - Post Graduate Diploma in Company Secretaryship
1 YearsView All Colleges
Post Graduate Diploma in Logistics and Retail Management
1 YearsView All Colleges

Certificate Course in Business Study

Certificate Course in Personal Management (CCPM)
1 MonthsView All Colleges

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